Renting a house or an apartment in  Ghana can be a very stressful and painful experience. Most people think of renting an apartment only when they actually want to rent an apartment. This is mostly the case because you don,t get to change apartments every day. Its Normally done for long term use. Having said that it means An individual is either renting for the first time or moving to another location.So what do i need to know when renting an apartment in Ghana ?

  1. If you choose to search for a property your self, make sure you find the Owner of the property to avoid getting scammed.
  2. Make sure you examine the property carefully for any damages or areas that need repairs, so you point them out and find out if the property owner is ready to fix them
  3. Make sure the property owner puts in writing any plans he/she has of remodeling the property. Also find out any ongoing cost you get to pay aside your rent. like waste management fees, water bills, property management fees e.t.c
  4. Should you get to meet the Owner of the Apartment or House you want to buy. Makes sure you have a contract in writing. Never rent an apartment on the basis of a hand shake. The Rent Control department has also asked property owners to issue a rent card to their tenants. To know more on the rent act, download this PDF: RENT-CONTROL-LAW-1986-PNDC-138
  5. Finally get a contract in writing that covers: 
  • The rental cost
  • The tenancy Duration
  • Who is renting the property
  • The property Address
  • The Obligations of the Landlord and tenant